Structural changes of groups of entities of national economy in the REGON register in małopolskie voivodship, 2016 r.

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Date of publication: 31.03.2017

The publication contains information on the number and structure of entities of the national economy registered in the REGON register, as of the end of 2016.

A set of tables divided into two parts constitutes main part of the publication. The first part includes review tables, in which in order to highlight changes in the field of economic activity, retrospective layout spanning the year 2010 was used. The second part consists of detailed tables, presenting the number and structure of entities as of the end of 2016 in comparison with the analogous period of the previous year. Tables are preceded by methodological notes including characteristics of the REGON register - basic terms and definitions used in the register and description of data groupings, as well as by analytical commentary enriched with information regarding corporate services sector.

                Similarly to previous editions of the publication, economic entities were grouped according to legal form, ownership sectors, type of activity as well as expected number of employed persons, and in case of commercial companies, also type of capital. Moreover, the publication includes information on newly registered and deleted entities, and also entities of suspended activity.