How does Statistics Poland calculate the culture satellite account?

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Date of publication: 10.07.2020

We have prepared this publication especially for those of you interested in the problem of the economic dimension of the cultural sector, and in particular in its GDP share. The team of employees of the Centre for Cultural Statistics at the Statistical Office in Kraków has been dealing with researching phenomena in the field of cultural statistics for several years, taking into account the growing importance of the creative and knowledge-based economy. Poland is one of the few countries that developed a methodology of the culture satellite account and made calculations in this regard.


In order to familiarize you with the issue of the culture satellite account in a popular and illustrative way, we have tried to limit specialist terminology to the minimum necessary. Our goal is to explain step by step how we calculate the culture satellite account, and thus how we determine the real role of the field of culture in the national economy, with a particular emphasis on its contribution to GDP creation.