Statistical Yearbook of Malopolskie Voivodship 2013

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Date of publication: 30.01.2014

     The thematic layout and the form of data presentation has remained unchanged in relation to the last year’s edition. However, due to the process of harmonization of voivodships yearbooks to the scope and manner of data presenting in Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Poland and Statistical Yearbook of the Regions - Poland, minor changes have been implemented in the current edition of the Yearbook. Thematic chapters have been enhanced with new information regarding i.e. geographic data (the highest mountain peaks, the longest caves, major passes and major artificial reservoirs), entities of the National Judicial Register, median population age by sex, households on the basis of results of the Population and Housing Census 2011, tables concerning paid employment and average gross wages and salaries for October 2010, at-risk of poverty rates in households, housing allowances paid out, administration of grounds for dwelling construction and organic farms. In review tables, if possible, the retrospection reached the year 2000 and covered the period 2005-2012.
     In the current edition of the Yearbook, in the chapter XXIII, data concerning privatisation of state-owned enterprises have been presented for the last time. Information included in the Yearbook make possible analyses and retrospective comparisons. They enable to seize main tendencies and directions of the development of the voivodship. Whereas preservation of layout of the Yearbook similar to Yearbooks published by other statistical offices facilitates making comparisons between voivodships.
     I recommend to Readers concerned data of basic units of administrative division of voivodship the publications: “Statistical Yearbook of Kraków 2013” and “Małopolskie Voivodship 2013 – Subregions, Powiats, Gminas”. These publications constitute a supplement to the Yearbook.